Battery Shop

Aircraft Batteries

Atas Asia covers the majority of Battery Part numbers of Business Jet Battery types. We operate a fully computerised charging system with the latest Christie Chargers to ensure efficient and accurate service.

Aircraft Batteries

This enables full reports to be produced and track the Battery history for the Operator.

Wheel Shop

Aircraft Wheels

Atas Asia covers all major wheel types used by the Business Jets in the region and we are able to offer full, overhaul, or partial, tire change and limited NDT, service depending on the operators immediate requirements.

Being a small company with a CEO and Engineer that has been involved with the Business Jet industry for many years, we understand the need to react quickly and keep high and excellent communications with our customers. We are able to meet your needs at short notice and turn round your component in the shortest time as and when required. We will help identify your exact requirements in terms of service and thereby save you money and time. For example why send your wheel for an Overhaul when the only requirement is a lessor NDT check and Tire replacement.

Aircraft Wheels

This will save you time, money and anxiety, we always aim to return your component to you in the soonest time to keep your aircraft serviceable. After all an aircraft with no wheel or Battery is not going anywhere.

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