Battery Shop

Aircraft Batteries

We cover virtually any part number Ni-Cad battery and are able to easily add more part numbers as they are presented.

We also perform Capacity check services on Sealed Lead Acid Batteries.

With a total of 5 Christie, fully computerised Chargers we are able to easily accommodate upwards of 80 batteries a month for full overhaul. This system additionally provides full minute by minute charging/discharging reports and history to enable efficient tracking of batteries for the Operator.

The shop also includes a full temperature chamber to ensure your wiring harnesses meet their specification and keep the aircraft operation safe.

Aircraft Batteries

Aircraft Batteries

We offer a free of charge Battery ‘Ready to go’ storage & delivery service for all of our customers.

We will monitor and keep record of your ‘Çharged’ Battery to ensure it is always ready to deliver at a moments notice.

(Every 3 months minor servicing is required to keep batteries in a charged 'ready to go' condition which is chargeable)

Temperature Chamber