Non-Destructive testing

The company has a dedicated Level 3 NDT Engineer to oversee all of our activities, develop procedures, perform training and carry out Audits to ensure all systems remain effective.

Our staff are all trained and certified to level 1 in the Liquid Penetrant and Eddy Current Techniques.

Recurrent training is performed annually including practical and theoretical examinations to ensure all staff remain proficient in the processes.

Liquid Penetrant

We use a spray to waste water washable penetrant system and our wash tank, Oven and storm cabinets are large enough to accommodate the BBJ and ACJ size of main wheels. In addition to wheels being tested we also test Tie bolts, lock plates and brake keys as required from the individual OEM CMM.

System efficiency and accuracy of controls is tested on a daily basis before each run which ensures consistent and accurate results.

Eddy Current

We use an Automatic scan machine for the testing of all the Wheel Bead seats which ensures excellent consistency and reduces turn times. Other areas such as bolt holes, lightning holes, repairs to worked areas etc. we use the OEM recommended Digital Handscan machines & Probes.

These are highly sensitive accurate equipment and proficiency is kept up with practical examinations on an annual basis.