Wheel Shop

ATAS services a myriad of Main and Nose wheel Part Numbers fitted to many types of Business jets in the region and we are adding part numbers on a regular basis. To date we have over 30 part numbers that we take care of, operating from almost every country in SE Asia.

Turn Round Times

For standard Tire changes our TAT is 4 days and if NDT is requested then 4-10 days. Overhauls can be turned round in 10 days or less

In reality the TAT is usually a lot shorter, especially if no repairs are needed. Customers should enquire with their estimated delivery and turn times and we will do our best to meet them.

We also offer a Priority service to bring the TAT down to even the same day return for the basic requirements. We will work the extra hours to help our customer meet their flight schedules.

Aircraft Wheels


Corrosion is the main issue and we will do everything we can to rectify a wheel by working closely with the Wheel OEMs and outside parties to achieve the desired results.

We have a dedicated Paint shop which ensures your wheels come out looking the best post overhaul and repairs.


As an EASA & FAA qualified Repair station everything we do has to be approved and we strive to exceed the standard. We aim to deliver the product to the customer in the best possible condition and like new from overhaul each and every time.